Through supplementing the California coast’s natural reef environments, California Ships to Reefs endeavors to increase the economic opportunities of all California coastal communities, and will provide increased economic benefit through sport fishing and scuba diving opportunities, and, once fully developed, become recreational attractions functioning in harmony with marine ecosystems.
"I think reefing ships is a fantastic win/win/win scenario for sport divers, sport fishermen and the environment. Natural wrecks break down into rubble piles over time and though they will continue to attract fish, the bigger the structure the bigger the attraction and the bigger the ecosystem it will hold and or attract."
-- Richie Kohler, Advisory Board, Ships to Reefs International                      
Quoted from California Diver Magazine
Secretary-Treasurer -- Eleanore Rewerts

Eleanore Rewerts has 40+ years experience in administration/accounting/marketing management, and is certified in Paralegal Studies and Grant Writing. She served as VP Administration for California Ships to Reefs from November 2006 until 2007 when she was appointed Executive Director until November 2008. Eleanore then served as Chief Administrative Officer until November 2012, when she was again appointed Executive Director. Eleanore has served as Secretary and Treasurer for several non-profit organizations.

VP Reef Development -- Dean A. Rewerts

Dean Rewerts served on the Board of Directors of California Association of State Investigators for 15 years, including 5 years as President.  He also served on the Board of Directors of California Union of Safety Employees for 7 years, acting as Legislative Committee Chairman.  Dean is a Director and Vice President of Governmental Relations for Northern California Oceans Foundation.

Chariman Emeritus -- Joel Geldin

Joel Geldin’s interest in man-man reefs was sparked at the same time he was certified as a recreational diver. His first open water dive in California was on the Yukon. He believes the California coast is a perfect location for divable, sustainable ocean habitats for sea life.  Joel has an extensive background in management and administration.  He is president and co-founder of Geldin/Dubin Group, Inc. a consulting firm in the food processing industry formed in 2002.  For almost three decades before that, Joel worked for the Geldin Meat Company, a generation-spanning family business where he rose to the position of Chief Operating Officer.  He has been a director, or officer of the National Meat Association and the Associated Meat and Food Suppliers of Southern California, as well as a management trustee for the Retail Clerks Union and Teamster Union pension and welfare funds.  Joel has served on boards and committees for other charitable organizations including the Boy Scouts of America.

Chief Advisor -- Dick Long

Dick Long is one of the pioneers of the diving industry and the founder of Diving Unlimited International. In 1965 he worked as a contract diver for the U.S. Navy in the Arctic and from 1965 through 1972 he operated his own commercial diving company. He is past Chairman of San Diego Oceans Foundation. Dick's consuming passion during the last few years has been the management of the sinking of HMCS Yukon, a former Canadian Navy ship, which has become an artificial reef for divers.

Director -- J. Greg Wolf

As a small business owner and past Board Member of a non-profit organization, Greg has many skills and experiences that could be beneficial to an organization like CSTR. He knows what it means to stay within budget and make every cent count. Greg knows what it’s like to compete in an industry with other much larger entities. He understands that a small organization needs to find a niche and must adapt to exploit it. Greg believes that movements such as this, must start at the grass roots and will not succeed if dictated from above, so public relations and industry support are key.
Greg is also a PADI OWSI. He instructs for one of the largest recreational scuba diving facilities in LA and Orange County, and has many friends and contacts throughout the southern California diving and fishing communities that can be beneficial to CSTR. He walks the walk, spending most of his weekends on or under the water, in the environment and on the wrecks.
Finally Greg fully appreciates and supports the three missions of CSTR -- Economics, Ecology and Education. In fact as a California resident, he can't think of three more important goals.

Director -- Ken Thompson

Ken earned his Bachelor of Science degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, in the mid 80s, and has been working as a Software Engineer, IT Tech, Support Engineer, and Trainer, most recently at Intel.
An early user of the internet, he witnessed the birth of the World Wide Web in the mid 90s, and has authored and maintained several web sites, including those of California Ships to Reefs and Ships To Reefs International, as well as the YukonReef site.
As a member of the CSTR Executive Board and Chair of the Website Committee since its inception, Ken has participated in and contributed to several projects over the years.

Director -- Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith has an impressive background in education, research and diving. Patrick is a board director of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum Research Society and the Coastal Maritime Archaeology Resources. He has published papers with the Society for Historical Archaeology and the Society for California Archaeology. Patrick has made many presentations to students from the elementary to university level, as well as historical societies, dive and other groups. Patrick also has deep roots in the diving community. He’s been a NAUI Instructor since 1979 and is a commercial diver. He worked sport and commercial fishing vessels for 10 years and is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain up to 100 ton vessels.

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